Begin this 2021 with your Leggings Well On!

2020 is finally over! A year that greatly surprised us all, to the point that, not even in the remotest part of our thoughts regarding negative scenarios that could happen, did we visualize something similar. The good thing is that it is over and today we see ourselves in this new year with a different perspective, cuz it comes loaded with many challenges with this new normal that we have to live post-pandemic, so begin this 2021 with your leggings well on so that you feel comfortable on any time. 


Leggings are a must have that every Bonanza Woman should have in her closet, since they are timeless and practical to wear on any occasion, as long as we know how to combine it with clothing items that highlight its versatility. Currently, it comes in various colors and designs that are very chic when it comes to using them. So, get ready and begin this 2021 with your leggings well on, here, we will tell you how to combine them to look trendy on different moments.


Who would have imagined that such a light garment worn by housewives would become a fashion trend for various scenarios? So they are considered with the term “athleisure” -referred to the combination of wearing a fashion and comfortable garment- so leggings become an essential garment in your closet; either for a casual outing to the market or for a night out at the disco.

Leggings Well On

Leggings are an easy combinable cuz this fashion clothes for woman which makes them an in-garment due to the diverse range of colors, design, and textures in which they are made. From that scene in the film Grease (1978) where the character of Olivia Newton appears all sensual in the final block of the film with her naked black leggings, to seeing today's personalities such as Kim Kardashian, Jenifer López, Shakira, among others, we have seen how every day they are more and more taken as a fashion clothes for woman to look chic, sensual and elegant, depending on the occasion and the accompaniment with other fashion clothes for woman that highlight or attenuate them.
For us, the Bonanza Woman are a special fashion clothes for woman that has been reinvented over time to offer us comfort, sensuality, and elegance when we consider them. There are those who consider them a fashion clothes for woman in the middle range, because they are neither pants nor long socks, what we are sure is that we love them!
For Bonanza Woman with a slim figure they are great, as they conform to the body and when combined with a Crop Top and Stilettos, they would make them look fabulous for a date night. For those who love the Mini Dress, these can be worn with leggings underneath and Flats or with casual ankle boots, useful to look comfortable and fresh at an evening or morning event.
In the case of the executive Bonanza Woman, they can wear them on a casual Friday, where they can be combined with a tight-fitting shirt, a modern-cut blazer and some good stilettos or with the shoes with which you feel most comfortable to go to an after office with your co-workers.
It should be noted that, if you are one of the Bonanza Woman with pronounced hips, we recommend that you wear dark colored leggings and avoid those with prints or transparencies. And if you are a girl with little volume in your hips, you can use them in light tones and prints, but combine them, in the latter case, with a t-shirt of a single color so that you can highlight or improve that area of ​​your body that you consider very thin.
As always, we recommend that you visit our Woman Store where you can find a variety of leggings and other fashion clothes for woman of your choice and put together the outfit that marks your style. In addition, you will find the must haves that all Bonanza Woman that will make you renew your closet. Our outfits can be easily combined because they are timeless fashion clothes for woman designs so you can look fabulous on any occasion.
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